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POMPOM, a creative agency with 3 production studios, offers an array of services encompassing consulting, content creation, production, and communications. Our portfolio showcases exciting collaborations that redefine brands and leave an indelible mark.

Check out our latest project with The Kooples for their brand revamp, The US Government for 25 Clean Beauty brands, Guess Jeans Collaboration launches with JBalvin, Jennifer Lopez, 88 Rising-Higher Brothers, Places & Faces, and more, to Tumi's Creative Campaigns , Florentia Village's Nationwide Creative Direction, Numéro China digital fashion, crashing the market with Crash Baggage, BOSCH IXO6 launch, ROC skincare campaign, Kipling x Hello Kitty on Chinese new year, Infinix Mobile creative projects.

From Kornit x Amorphous Studios reverse engineering and phygital shows, Unifi3d 3D virtual fashion, to MEC (Santoni Group) Art direction, and Zero10's fashion augmented reality, we're at the forefront of transformative creativity.

Unlocking the Future of Fashion: SANPOM, powered by POMPOM Creative, stands as a digital fashion studio at the forefront of uniting Creative Direction and Technology, catalyzing a sustainable transformation within the industry. Through the synergy of innovative digital technology and artistic foresight, we propel the boundaries of the fashion landscape towards a more promising and sustainable horizon.